These web pages describe the CD-ROM DSP. In addition to information about what DSP is and what the program contains, you will find pages with interesting sound recordings, and recordings from projects that have been made with DSP. If you have made something yourself that you would like to share, send it to NoTAM and we'll put it up on the pages. At the bottom of this page you will find adresses for both paper and electronic mail.

In addition, you will find information about the languages in which DSP is available, and how you may obtain a copy. The flag buttons lead to pages in different languages.

Here are links to the different pages:

  • What is DSP?
  • Text examples
  • Examples of sound and video
  • Distribution
  • Interesting ideas
  • Interesting sounds
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Music made with DSP
  • Windows 2000 patch

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  • Hva er DSP? Morsomme ideer Morsomme lyder Eksempler på tekster Vanlige spørsmål Eksempler på lyd og video Distribusjon Musikk laget med DSP E-post til NoTAM