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Music Technology Days

The Music Technology Days is an annual seminar for Nordic music technology professionals in education, research, development and production. The purpose of the seminar is to develop and maintain an arena for communication and discussion of topics common to practitioners in our field, and to foster collaboration and coordination.

The term music technology refers to all types of technology that is used for music, including mechanical technology such as traditional instruments, analog electronic technology and modern digital technology – both hardware and software. Technology is important in the many fields that constitute the music domain, as for example recording and reproduction of sound, composition, performance, music representation and media storage formats, and electronic distribution and mediation.

Behind the development of all these fields lies extensive research and development. In higher education, attention to music technology is increasing year by year, and a significant build-up of technical resources and education is taking place in many institutions. Any collection of technical resources and development og competence or courses, says something about what one believes that future users will need to know, and how one positions these needs in relation to the history, development and identity of the field.

The Music Technology Days 2007 takes place on October 10 and 11, during the Ultima festival.

Topic: The future of music technology disciplines in higher education
             – visions and current development trends.

We would like to discuss:

  • Central development trends in music technology the next 5 years.
    - Research – important trends and results that can be useful in education
    - Commercially available technologies – development within soft- and hardware
  • How should music technology be placed within our institutions in 5 years?
  • Which concrete plans for action do our institutions have for implementation of music technology, and which plans for integration with other disciplines exist?
  • What needs exist for new types of education?

We would like to have presentations for future plans for the development of the educational institutions, with viewpoints on a. o. the topics mentioned above.
Relatively short – 20 minutes including time for questions.

Send your presentations to:

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