Electronic Art in Public Spaces
                                        - conference October 6 - 9, 2002

What is electronic art and how can it be used in public spaces?

The conference offers various perspectives on electronic art, providing an overview of artistic, design and coordination considerations when working with public space.

The program will delve into all aspects of the processes involved - from artist idea to maintaining the finished work. Artists from the electronic art milieu will share their ideas and thoughts about their field, and conference participants will be introduced to the broad range of creative solutions that such works and installations offer. In order to provide a context for this broad presentation of projects, the conference will also examine the concept and status of the field of electronic art from several theoretical perspectives.

The in-depth program reflects the interests of many professions, including architects, developers, politicians, clients, artists, curators and theoreticians.

A large number of nationally and internationally acclaimed electronic artworks that have been installed in public spaces will be presented. Seeing and experiencing works and production studios first hand will allow participants to become familiar with the potential of this exciting art genre, as well as with the artists and concepts that lie behind it.

Topics will include:
- defining the public space, past and present, as a venue for art
- electronic art as a contemporary art form
- characteristics of electronic art media (light, sound, text)
- electronic art as a cross-disciplinary practice
- the respective views of artist, contractor, client and architect
- practical considerations for electronic art installations
- requirements for solid technical solutions, quality and maintenance
- production capabilities for electronic art: funding and workshops in Norway

The conference will be thoroughly documented, and a collection of texts and images will be published after the conference.

Please contact admin@notam02.no with any questions you might have. You can also call (+47) 2235 8060.